How To Use BOTOX To Improve Your Appearance (Skin)?


BOTOX is a fast-acting, FDA-approved solution that's taken the cosmetic industry by storm. This injectable cosmetic is designed to quickly release fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes, mouth, and brow. It works by temporarily immobilizing select facial muscles by blocking the nerve signals controlling them. As the targeted muscles achieve a prolonged state of relaxation, accumulated facial tension is released, and the skin can again lie smooth. So how can you use BOTOX to improve the appearance of your skin?

Treatments with this injectable are often referred to as "lunchtime face lifts". That's because when BOTOX is performed as a standalone procedure, injections take just 15 to 20 minutes. It should also be noted that there is absolutely no downtime following treatment. Given that this is an entirely non-invasive solution to dynamic facial wrinkling, there is no need for cutting, no need for any actual tissue removal, and no risk of scarring or infection. This also makes this anti-wrinkle procedure very discreet. You can easily schedule a treatment in the middle of the day, without anyone being any the wiser.

BOTOX is not capable of correcting advanced issues with facial aging, such as noticeable volume loss and static wrinkling. These are problems that are often best resolved with high-quality dermal fillers. In instances in which both dynamic and static wrinkling have presented, it may possible to use dermal fillers and BOTOX together . While BOTOX relaxes motion-related creases away, high-quality fillers can restore lost volume and fill static creases in. Not only can BOTOX be used as a standalone treatment for dynamic wrinkle and as part of combination procedures for more advanced facial aging, but it is also an amazingly effective tool in wrinkle prevention. In this application, it can stave off motion-related creases far longer by simply preventing the accumulation of any significant muscle tension.

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